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Orthopaedic Clinic

We offer a specialist Orthopaedic clinic at Stratus.


Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of various conditions affecting your musculoskeletal system.
The musculoskeletal system is the integral part of the human body that is involved in your movement.
It consists of bones(the human skeleton including the spine),joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
This system helps one to have movement and motion.
In our clinic we have specialist doctors trained in providing the best treatment for the conditions and injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system.
We deal in a variety of bone and joint diseases and injuries, and offer targeted tailor made evidence-based treatment ,advice and services to you.
Some of the conditions we manage include:


Arthritis in simple terms refers to inflammation and destruction of the joints.
Our joints are designed to provide frictionless, smooth, easy, flexible and painless movements.
However in arthritis, these movements become stiff, painful and restricted.
Arthritis can be due to several reasons but the ultimate result is destruction of joint surfaces.

Back pain:
Back pain affects most individuals at least once in their lifetime.
Back pain can have many causes and in our clinic we can help identify the reason behind your pain and provide you with solutions to it.

Foot and heel pain:
Conditions affecting our feet are increasing and at our clinic we can provide you with ways of relieving these.


Sports injuries:
Ailments and injuries resulting from sporting activities can lead to pain and loss of function.
At our clinic we can treat sports injuries effectively to allow you to return back to your favorite sport as well as educate you on ways to avoid re-injuring yourself.


We are not limited to the above ailments and look forward to assisting you in diagnosing and recovering from conditions affecting you and your movement .
We ultimately aim to add health to your life and improve the quality of your life.
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