The Bone and Joint Clinic

The Bone & Joint Clinic is a medical and surgical orthopedic practice
dedicated to providing general and specialized orthopedic care.

If your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints are injured – even if it’s a common problem – you owe it to yourself to seek the very best in orthopedic care. As a specialist orthopedic practice in Nairobi, we’re a proven leader in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of general and specialized orthopedic conditions. We have partnered with Stratus Medical Centre to ensure you get the best in imaging and orthopedic treatment.

Prothea Kenya (In collaboration with Ugani Prosthetics)

Kenyan patients are looking for a high-quality but affordable solution for their limb difference.

At Prothea Kenya, we work hard to ensure that all our solutions are made of high-quality materials and all staff are trained in the latest techniques.

We are located at Stratus Medical Centre and together with their Imaging services, we offer you the best in affordable prosthetics.

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